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December 22, 2016

(Author's Note: So I wrote this in October when I was still working on the website, by the way. :) )


OKAY so today I was overwhelmed with so much genuine kindness that I cannot not share ya know? :) 

So it started with this text from my mother at the beginning of my school day. 



"Saw this on the fronts step this morning. Assuming it's for you! :)"


And I was so taken aback and I was smiling so much and ahhh it made my day! If you guys don't know this, "you are enough" is one of my many catch phrases that I find myself going on tangents every once and awhile. :) For someone (I'm assuming whom I know) to take time to bring flowers and a card to my doorstep... wow it just makes me so happy and made my day 100% better. 


BUT WAIT that isn't it! Later that day I received this message from a Pinterest user I just recently followed: 



Okay so she definitely did not have to send this message to me. I have never met her in my life, let alone ever talked to her. This sounds like something that she messages to everyone who has followed her- and man what genuine kindness and concern! I hope to be like that- someone who cares for people they don't know at all and genuinely wants the best for them. 


And it just kept going. After school someone I kind of know just came up to me and was like "You are so pretty." And it wasn't like that kinda way where you compliment something about them and they feel inclined to return the compliment, or a compliment where they expect one in return. But she seemed like she truly meant it and mannnn it warmed my heart! 


This, my friends, is how we change the world. Truly and genuinely and intimately meaning everything that we say. Extending compliments to people instead of just keeping them inside our heads. Letting people know that they are loved and beautiful and worth it. Extending a helping hand to strangers. 


Think if one of your best friends called you beautiful. You would feel honored, but this is your best friend- someone you talk to easily every day and someone who would not be afraid to compliment you. 

But if a stranger, or someone who you don't know that well, gives you a compliment, it means so much more doesn't it? I still remember one time I was in Washington DC and a nice lady complimented me on my flower crown... I wore it proudly the rest of the day and I still remember that compliment even though it happened almost three years ago. 


Kindness can change the world- I am a firm believer. Find small ways to be kind- because honestly you don't need a huge action or contribution to be nice to people. Let's start a kindness chain, and pray that it'll continue :) 


All through Christ,




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