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December 3, 2016


So I was gonna write this one thing but then the Holy Spirit was like "nahhh write about your puppy", so that's what I'm going to do. Because one, it's the Holy Spirit and two I JUST GOT A PUPPY SO I REALLY WANT TO  WRITE ABOUT HIM :) (It's gonna work, I promise)


SO quick backstory. My siblings and I have wanted a dog since we could even say the word. But my dad, growing up on a farm, thought that dogs should stay outside while my mom, who had house dogs her whole life, thought they should be indoor dogs. Plus, having a dog with four younger kids is hard, and then you just get used to it so.... everything was kinda at a standstill. We would still ask at Christmas and birthdays and such, but it was more of a slight prodding of "hey we still want a dog but I already know your answer" so we weren't really expecting that much.


BUT THINGS CHANGED THIS YEAR. Shoutout to my sister Hannah who wrote a whole proposal last year on why we should get a dog...  and apparently it worked! I honestly couldn't believe it when my parents said it would be quite likely that a new furry family member would join our home. WHAT?! AFTER YEARS AND YEARS OF WAITING I FINALLY GET A DOG?!?!?! (<< me and my sibling's reaction haha)


So get ready for a ton of cute pictures because yesterday we finally got a puppy. His name is Murphy, he'll be eight weeks tomorrow and he's the darn cutest thing you ever will see. You're welcome for making your day with puppy pictures. :) 



 I don't think it's anything less than (divinely) ironic that we got Murphy during the Advent season. The more I think about it, the more apparent the parallels are. 


Before Jesus came into the world, people were waiting for thousands of years. They kept asking God, "Can we get a Savior yet? Can we get a Savior yet?" But God kept telling them, "Not now. My timing is perfect." So they had to wait. I can relate (haha that rhymes). I mean I didn't wait thousandsssss of  yearrrssss for my dog, but I did wait a long time. However, I appreciate Murphy more because of that wait. If we got a dog 10 years ago, I probably wouldn't have been mature enough to take upon the responsibilities of a dog. God knew what he was doing when he had the Jewish people wait. More specifically, God taught them to wait. Without waiting, you cannot be ready. If I just asked my dad "Hey can we get a dog today?" And he was like "Sure!" Do you think my family and I would be fully prepared? No way! We would have no clue what we are doing, we wouldn't have any of the supplies, and our life would be thrown into chaos without any plan or guidance. 


Good thing that God has a plan written out for us- that's the Bible. And God gave us time to prepare- that's Advent. 


Advent is our time to get our act together, to collect the supplies we need to fully love and cherish our Savior, and to create a home for Him in our heart. How to do that? Well I'm still figuring that out myself. I haven't really fully appreciated the season of Advent until this time... so I'm gonna pray it out and see what the Lord wants. 


One thing I'm really bad at during Advent (and still working on it) is resisting the urge to skip straight to Christmas. Christmas is so fun- presents and family and snow and amazingness. But we forget that right now, it's not Christmas. Christmas is December 25th. Christmas season is every day after that until the epiphany. Right now, this time is for waiting. Preparing. Getting the supplies we need for Jesus in our life. Jesus is soooo amazing that there is NO WAY He will not change your life. Do you want to be prepared? 


You know, I never thought there would come a day where I could compare baby Jesus to a puppy. But I guess today's that day. :) 


Have a great 2nd week of Advent!

All through Christ,





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