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dear everyone taking finals this week:

December 13, 2016



So I write this at 10:17 PM with a ton of stuff still to do and a heart that will not rest. 


My mind has been a blizzard lately, each thought a snowflake with intricate and specific patterns but they pile on top of each other and the weight gets heavier and now I cannot tell the difference. Everything is the same- the anxiety is all the same. 


Finals are crazy. I honestly don't know if I have seen a positive thing about finals (minus a group chat created for positivity but that doesn't count xD) and that realllyyyy doesn't help ya know? I mean, everyone feels like finals week is a week in hell, and expanding on that idea in every single conversation leading up to the final days before Christmas really doesn't help anyone out, does it? 


I'm stressed and you're stressed and every high schooler/college student is stressed so you know what that means... CHEESY INSPIRATION FROM ME YAY (read at your own risk)


Dear Everyone Taking Finals This Week:


First off, I feel you. Yes, I do. I, too, have the dreaded tests that causes so much pain and anxiety and crying and, well, you know the drill. 


But I also want to let you know something that we are all guilty of. In this circumstance, we are waaaayyy too in the moment. Right now, I promise you that the #1 thing on your mind are these finals. But wait... in a week they will probably be over. In a month, Christmas will have already happened. In a year, you will be in a different grade. And HEY 10 years from now you might just be married to your best friend. 


This is all just temporary.


Finals are hard and scary but they happen right now. And they'll happen at the end of the year and yesss I know they do happen a lot as a student but I promise  you when you are 45 and sitting around the table with your spouse and kids and making memories, you will not be thinking about your grade in math as a sophmore in high school.


Also here's another cheesy phrase that's been getting me through finals week- grades do not matter in Heaven. Yup- that's right folks, I also promise you no one will be rejected salvation solely based upon the grades of their finals. And if salvation is the only thing that truly matters, then why stress? Why worry? 

There's a quote out there that I LOVE that goes along the lines of- "Worry does not take away tomorrow's troubles, but takes away today's peace." Worrying does absolutely nothing. It will not change a bit. Which is funny, because as humans we do it all the time. God tells us SO MANY TIMES to chill because He's got it all out and here we are being like "AH THE WORLD IS ENDING OH MY GOSH IM SO STRESSED WHAT IS LIFE IM GONNA DIE" and I wonder if God is laughing or banging His head really hard against a wall....??


Anyways- please, friends, don't stress. Do your best, try your hardest, but also TRUST that the Man who created the subjects you are studying for will do His best as well. He's got your entire life planned out... finals are just a teeny bit of that amazing life. 


I'll see you guys on the other side. :) I am praying for you, and if you don't mind, pray for me too. :) Let me know if you need anything!

All through Christ,




PS: OH. ONE MORE THING. I would like to quote The Help when I say, "You is kind. You is smart. You is important." And add on my own twist: "You is gonna slay those finals." GO GET 'EM





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