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2016. a review.

December 31, 2016


2016. A review. 


Many see this year as awful. A year full of pain, heart break, loss, devastation and division. And I can't say I disagree. This year, from the common perspective, was definitely a year to remember, but maybe not in the best of ways. 


So many shining stars lost. Wars going on in the middle east. Children, families, citizens dying too often half-way across the world because of war. Major division in America because of the election. Natural disasters. Shootings. Breakups, mess-ups, you name it, it seemed to happen in 2016. 


But may I remind you that the world is ugly and brutal, but the world is also imperfectly beautiful and never fails to pick itself back up. We have not failed to help. We have not failed to hope. After every shooting, natural disaster, cancer announcement, etc. we have stepped up. It never fails to amaze me how many people will stand up for those who have lost so much. Although after the election I saw many rude and disrespectful posts and comments, I also saw those striving for peace, striving for unity, striving to heal. After shootings I here so many people saying, "Wow, I am praying for them." After natural disasters churches raise money to help those they don't even know. 


There will be pain. But I firmly believe that God heals, and God will always send those to help us. There will always be people striving for good, even in the worst of times. 


It was a bad year. But God gives us role models. God gives us help. Look at Pope Francis. Look at those Go-Fund-Me pages for those struggling with an illness. Look at support groups, free online help, quotes you find randomly on the street because we are a world that is broken, but we are a world that will never stop fighting. 


One of my favorite musicals in the entire universe is "The Hunchback of Notre Dame". In one of the songs, Esmerelda (one of the lead characters) who is sentenced to death remarks upon her dream for the world to be a better place, "someday." I would like to share some of the lyrics. 



When we are wiser

When the world's older

When we have learned

I pray, someday we may yet live

To live and let live. 



Life will be fairer

Need will be rarer

Greed will not pay

Godspeed, this bright millennium

On it's way

Let it come someday."


It's my dream for the world. It's (hopefully) your dream for the world. I hope 2017 will be a year of peace and love and YAY GOOD STUFF WAHOO. But it's also our duty to help that. To grow closer to Christ. To become better people, always always always striving for good, and for the good of others. 


Bad stuff will happen in 2017, there is no denying it. But keep hoping, keep striving, keep on keepin' on, am I right?? :) 


We cannot wait for someday. In the words of another character in the musical "Why not make someday come right now?" 


Let's make someday happen this year. Are you in? :) 

All through Christ,



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