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why hello there (again!)

January 2, 2019

hello everyone :) 


it's been awhile, hasn't it? i've been meaning to come back here for awhile, but a lot of things (technological errors, school, college, etc.) have been keeping me from coming. yet Jesus keeps prodding and I had to give in! 

and what a better way to start again than on the first day of this new year. I'm honestly SO excited for 2019! what an adventure! what are you looking forward to in this new year? 


anyways, this is just a quick little check in. I truly hope you have an amazing new year...get excited for some new posts! there is much I have to say, and I cannot wait to share it with you. :) 


until then, here's a little poem/prayer thingy I wrote for the new year! it was rather therapeutic and a great way to list out what I want to work on in the new year. I definitely recommend it if you are looking for some way to prepare for this new year! what are some things you need to grow in, and let go of? something to ponder. 


2019. here's to: 


more trust...less fear. 

more joy...less despair. 

more learning....less laziness. 

more peace...less anxiety. 

more charity...less gain. 

more rest...less exhaustion. 

more service...less selfishness. 

more prayer...less procrastination. 

more silence...less noise. 

more reality...less perfection. 

more growth...less hiding. 

more Jesus...less me. 

more action....less wishing. 

more gratitude...less blindness. 

more humility...less pride. 

more creativity...less technology. 

more adventure...less comfort. 





all through Christ,



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