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July 3, 2019

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on my knees

July 3, 2019

I've been on my knees a lot this past month.


I've been working at a local Catholic camp at Prairie Star Ranch in Willumsburg Kansas, for the past month. And MAN it's been so beautiful. However, I didn't really realize the extent of the beauty until I found myself sopping up a random spill in my kitchen a couple minutes ago, something I would've passively ignored a month ago. 


And I realized, kneeling on the ground, rag in hand, it's been a familiar place for me recently. 


I've been on my knees a lot cleaning this past few weeks. Whether it be toilets, showers, kitchen pans that fell on the floor or stains from liquids that dripped from plastic cups, my fellow missionaries and I have been down, on our knees, cleaning it. Finding grace in the dirty spaces.


I've been on my knees a lot ministering these past few weeks. I forget how small some children can be, how pure their hearts are, how innocent their questions and love for life is. So I get down on their level, look directly in their eyes and try to love them as best as I can. It's easier to see the world through their eyes if I'm on the same level as them. That sounds like something Jesus would say. I find grace in their smallness, because I am small too.


I've been on my knees praying a lot these past few weeks. Start to finish, beginning to end, I find myself on my knees begging for grace when I'm empty. Interceding for the ones who can't speak for themselves. Lifting up the friends around me. Asking for guidance. I am grateful that I can daily kneel before my savior and ask Him to start again.


I know for a fact that I would not have experienced the insane perseverance, grace, and love that I have recently without being on my knees. It's there that I learn service, compassion, and communion. It is a posture I have come to love!!


And perhaps it is in this humble, unseen posture that the world changes. Not on a podium, not on a stage, but with a small but willing heart who, again, gets down on some bruised and broken knees.

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